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Learn more about the company: our background, our culture, and what makes us your best choice as a manufacturer of prototypes and injection molding solutions.

Prototyping and low-volume manufacturing factory

Meet TH Molding

Since our establishment in 2000, TH Molding has specialized in one-stop prototyping and low-volume manufacturing that include rapid prototypingCNC machiningmold making, and reaction injection molding, and more. Our 46,000 sq. m. factory located in Dongguan allows us to cater to clients in over 30 countries and regions.

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Through our advanced production capabilities and unparalleled commitment to excellence and customer-centric services, we position ourselves as the leading source for cost-effective, rapid, and reliable prototyping and low-volume manufacturing solutions.


By establishing our presence in the global market, we aim to become the world’s most trusted solution provider for rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.



Rely on TH Molding for

Exceptional Prototyping & Production Solutions

Always eager to please clients and satisfy demands for perfect solutions to diverse market demands, we look for ways to bring your brand to the next level.

Unparalleled Services

Our comprehensive range of services, from design evaluation to post-processing, guarantees not only swift and budget-friendly production but also the optimal and reliable performance of your products.

Sufficient Experience

20 years of accumulated experience in rapid prototyping and a deep understanding of the injection molding industry guarantee that we know what you need and we can deliver above your expectations.

Ample Expertise

Backed by experts in different fields in the industry, including mold masters and strict quality control personnel, we set the bar for efficient and professional solutions for low volume production and rapid prototyping.

One-stop Factory Backs You Up

Quality and consistency in production are maintained, thanks to having all the workshops and equipment we need under one factory.

Our Milestone

See how TH Molding has grown over the years, from its humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the industry.

2021 streamlined workshop for prototyping and low volume production

As a testament to our strong production capabilities, the number of our injection molding machines has since grown to 85 units, while our team size increased from 80 professionals to 260.

2018 rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing factory

To accommodate the growing demand for our products and solutions, we purchased the Huizhou plant and moved the Dongguan plant from Fenggang to Qingxi.

2016 product display

Seeing great growth potential, we began exploring the automobile industry, partnering with global brands like Valeo, Reno, and Volvo to make molds and plastic parts for automobiles.

20152015 two workers focus on their jobs in prototyping and low volume production factory

Further expanding our global reach, we began a partnership with Walmart to produce parts for their household appliances. At the same time, we added much-needed equipment to our facility, including Japanese and Swiss deep drill machines,EDM machines and Mirror polish machines.

2014 prototyping and low volume production factory

Listening to our customers, we opened our in-house injection molding department, allowing us to cater to more clients worldwide.


Making our move into the global market, we started working with IKEA, an international brand known for household furniture.

designer designs molds

TH Molding was officially established this year, establishing as a company that focused mainly on making molds for injection molding.


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Mold to Perfection, Thrive beyond Imagination!

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