Our Team

TH Molding handpicks each member of our staff based on their experience, skills, and knowledge in mold making, prototyping, and various industries.

experienced technicians, designers, and engineers

Experts Across the Board

Our company is a leading specialist in the field thanks to our experienced technicians, designers, and engineers. All of our personnel have honed their skills and crafts by working for more than 10 years in the molding and tooling industries.

Project Management Team

Qualified managers within our project management team have more than 10 years of supervisory role in the industry, ensuring all of our projects proceed with minimum obstructions.

Design & Engineering Team

The designers and engineers of our team are familiar with various design software. They are adept at reverse engineering and mold analyzing including DFM and mold flow analysis.

Technical Team

Our CNC programming masters and CNC lathe masters with more than 10 years in the CNC machining and mold making industry excel at mold tooling and CNC machining.

Quality Control

To ensure our compliance with international standards, our QC team consists of 20 people with an average of more than 4 years of practicing IQC, IPQC, and OQC.

TH Molding's DNA at a Glance

Your success comes from the strong core we built within the fabric of TH Molding that consists of teamwork, accountability, and commitment.

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TH Molding’s strive to fulfill the promise to our customers comes from taking a step beyond in our services and capabilities without taking any shortcuts.

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TH Molding is a solution-oriented company where we find the means to deal with any new problems, helping you reduce losses.

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The accomplishment of team comes from shared effort and our willingness to share responsibility, ensuring a better service to our customers.

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Your success is our success. TH molding ensures outstanding services that can lead to a long-term relationship with our clients.

Innovation is Our Core

The utilization of innovations while staying committed to our original goals can open the doors to success.

Elites Uniting

Every department within TH Molding works together with our skills and innovative tools. Our staff is responsible for the corresponding matters, ensuring a fast and efficient solution for your business.

Ongoing Learning

TH Molding is constantly learning new technology over the years such as structural innovation and conversion of mechanical structures.

Technology Optimizing

As new technology becomes available, we integrate it with our services to ensure our capabilities in keeping up with existing innovative mold-making solutions.

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Mold to Perfection, Thrive beyond Imagination!

Talk to our experts today and let TH Molding help you bring your concepts to life and start elevating your brand!


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