Rapid Prototyping

Superior Rapid Prototyping

TH Molding as a professional rapid prototyping company excels at designing and producing high-quality, low-volume prototypes, making us the perfect one-stop shop for all your rapid prototyping needs. We utilize mature rapid prototyping technology with unmatched service, with capabilities to produce functional plastic, metal, and sheet metal prototypes in as fast as three days.

CNC Machining

Ideal for making metal and plastics prototypes and parts on-demand, CNC machining produces pieces that have higher tolerances and better surface finishing compared to other available methods.

Vacuum Casting

The best choice for the production of low volume and functional plastic parts, vacuum casting greatly enhances the material’s performance while guaranteeing a smooth, presentable surface.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With state-of-the-art equipment manned by well-trained personnel, we are proficient in supplying metallic prototypes with refined sheet metal fabrication technology.

Take Advantage of Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, you can properly understand how your product presents and easily make adjustments before committing to full-swing production.

See how your design looks firsthand, making it more efficient than conducting a trial-and-error process with multiple molds.

Compared to design drawings or visual concepts, physical models empower designers to share concepts with colleagues with tangible examples.

Rapid prototyping allows for proper evaluation of the final product and performs necessary adjustments, especially on limited product cycles.

Access to a prototype helps eliminate costly design flaws that might have been missed during preliminary assessments.

Since setup and additional tooling won’t be required in rapid prototyping, time and resources are saved and allocated on where it is needed.

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Why Choose TH Molding

TH Molding dedicates extra time, energy, and resources to guarantee that your prototypes are made exactly to your specifications and make changes based on your feedback.


We promote flexibility for our rapid prototyping process, not limiting ourselves to an order quantity to give the service you need.

Advanced Facilities

To improve quality of production, we utilize advanced rapid prototyping technologies and equipment, such as CNC turning, milling, and drilling machines.

Dedicated Engineers

Rely on our engineers to deliver unmatched service. They are skilled with design software and are experts in reverse engineering and product optimization.

Comprehensive Surface Treatment

Included in our rapid prototyping service is our full-scale surface treatment that is based on your project needs.

Wide Range of

With the combination of our experience handling rapid prototyping materials and a wide supply network, we can work with any material your project demands.

Fast Lead

Our strong production capability and seasoned engineers guarantee rapid prototyping projects are completed as early as three days from the request.

Comprehensive Secondary Processing

Comprehensive Secondary Processing

To complete your prototypes, we offer a complete range of secondary processing components that makes the process more inclusive and hassle-free. From surface treatment to in-house assembly, we take care of everything else you need under one roof.

Products We helped Produce

Take inspiration from the products that TH Molding has assisted with over the years.

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Rapid Prototyping Product 07
Rapid Prototyping Product 06
Rapid Prototyping Product 05
Rapid Prototyping Product 04
Rapid Prototyping Product 03
Rapid Prototyping Product 02
Rapid Prototyping Product 01

Full Suite of Capabilities at One-stop

Quality and speed are maintained throughout the inclusive capabilities thanks to our fully integrated in-house workshops and latest production equipment.

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Our experts are available 24/7 and ready to address any concern regarding technical support or after sales.

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