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A: TH Molding committed to developing the best solution for your brand, we focus on making prototypes and molds in house which are perfect for low-volume and high-volume manufacturing.

A: We focus on Low volume & High Precision CNC machining solution with superior precision of 0.003mm,stainless steel , titanium alloy and more materials are what we are good at producing , having related experiences in the industries of military , automotive , aerospace, petroleum exploration equipments .

Go to our CNC machining page to learn how we can handle your CNC machining project.

A: The 3D and CAD files , quantity/annual quantity needed, material preference, surface finish, part samples (if available), description of part application, including UV exposure, chemical resistance, FDA requirements, time frame for prototype parts and time frame for production parts. 

Rapid tooling may be your best choice, manufacturing cost-effective rapid molds and rapid tooling solutions that fit your production and budget requirements.

Go to our rapid tooling page to learn more.

A: Most material is application specific. If you don’t have a material selected for your application, we can help and offer some guidance. Often several resins can be sampled but the customer has final approval before proceeding.

A: We offer reaction injection molding, low volume production(rapid tooling) and high volume production parts (500,000+), we design the mold for production, make the mold, and run production parts.

It depends on the part quantity and application , anyway, our engineer will evaluate your project and give you the most cost effective solution.

A: In general , it is 5-10 weeks, depending on the complexity and cavity No. of the mold.

Go to our mold making page to see our detailed service.

A:We have the following services available that were not previously available to all customers of the individual companies 

Product Development Assistance

CAD Design/Engineering Services

Prototyping Testing

Various manufacturing processes

After Sales Service

A: The geometry of the part, the amount of parts needed, your tooling budget and the application the part is being used for will all influence your decision to injection mold the part.

Go to our plastic injection molding page to see if injection molding is the right process.

A:Generally speaking , as for prototype , we will send you offer within 1 working day, mold offer will be provided within 3 working days.

A:We can modify your mold by additional machining, fill-in welding, welding in additional material, or inserting a replacement feature, for a reasonable cost. If the changes are too great, however, producing a new mold may be more cost-effective than reworking the existing one.

A: We are the 20+ year professional plastic injection molding manufacturer, since plastic injection volume shifts over time, we will help you determine the volume requirements for the project and provide specialization in one of these three volume classifications:

Low volume

High volume

Middle volume

A:In most cases the injection mold is owned by the client who designed and bought the parts. Unless specific contract terms are agreed upon, the client have the right to take their mold anywhere to produce the parts, however there is some risks involved in making sure the right equipment is available and that an acceptable process can be established in the new environment.

A:Yes,it depends on how the injection mold was designed. A good injection mold will be built using steel inserts that make different features of the part and assembled all together in a mold base. This makes it easier to change one feature of the part when all you have to do is modify or re-build a small steel insert.

A:Specific mold tolerances will be critical for your plastic part, and understanding how the molder achieves and validates those tolerances is useful information to have. Additionally, if any part of your mold needs specialized measurements, for example, an one-dimensional automotive part that needs to be extremely precise so there’s no variation part-to-part , please let us know in advance.

A:T/T or L/C is workable to you, normal we accept T/T 50% with order, and the balance before the shipment.

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