Why TH Molding

Honed in the prototyping and low-volume production industries for years, we have acquired several capabilities to better serve you. Come and explore.


With our advanced design analysis and simulation capabilities, we can help verify and optimize your design for efficient and profitable production beforehand.


Apart from rapid prototyping and low-volume production, we also offer you a series of value-added services to tackle your concerns.

Quality Control

Equipped with advanced testing lab and professional quality inspectors, we can guarantee you superior quality of molds, prototypes, and products.

Secondary Processing

From in-house assembly to varied surface treatments, we support numerous secondary processes under one roof to save time, costs, and labor.

Low Volume Production

Low volume manufacturing can proceed seamlessly under one roof after confirming your prototypes and molds, saving your cost and time significantly.


As we only acquire quality materials from trusted suppliers, we ensure consistency in our prototypes, mold and plastic product manufacturing, resulting in fewer issues and delays.

Mold to Perfection, Thrive beyond Imagination!

Talk to our experts today and let TH Molding help you bring your concepts to life and start elevating your brand!


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    Supported File: STP, STEP, IGS, X_T, PRT, DXF, DWG