TH Molding is capable of fast prototyping, mold making, low volume production, and more for various industries.

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Prototyping And Low Volume Production

Prototyping and low volume production are our specialties thanks to TH Molding certified factory that has 33,000 square meters of workspace and the latest manufacturing equipment. With the powerful design and mold tooling capabilities of the TH molding team, we accurately produce your workpieces and plastic parts within a short period. 

Explore Our Featured Capabilities

In building superior prototypes and plastic products, TH Molding has a vast array of capabilities that can address your business requirements.

From Prototyping to Production We Get You all Covered

Professional designers and engineers take the hassle out of the prototyping and low-volume production process as we walk you through the process of turning your ideas into reality.

Rapid Prototyping

Turn your CAD design concept into a physical prototype with our rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, mold tooling, and rapid tooling services. TH Molding team works closely with you in verifying your concepts while providing feedback to improve them.


Rapid Manufacturing

We help you turn your well-functioning prototypes and production molds into finished products with our rich manufacturing capabilities and integrated resources. TH Molding also offers a series of secondary processing services to remove your hassle.

The Reasons to Choose TH Molding

Below are the reasons why reputable companies around the globe are working with TH Molding.

Fast Turnaround

The advanced production machines are manned by skillful and experienced engineers, ensuring your prototypes, molds, or production orders are completed with a short lead-time.

Low Cost

Specializing in prototyping, low volume production, and post-processing, while having complete facilities and versatile engineers enable us to complete all of your tasks under one roof to cut your costs.

Standards Compliance

We follow DME, Hasco, and PCS standards to ensure the accuracy of your molds and prototypes when designing and manufacturing them. The maximum tolerance of our prototype is 0.003mm.

Professional Support

Designers, engineers, and technicians with more than 10 years of experience are available to help you when you require support for your prototypes, molds, and low-volume manufacturing at any time.

We Guarantee Unparalleled Services

TH Molding makes a great effort in moving your business forward through our unparalleled services such as our responsive project management, after-sales service, brand promotions, and more. The commitment to your success is our driving factor.

We Guarantee Unparalleled Services

Mold to Perfection, Thrive beyond Imagination!

Talk to our experts today and let TH Molding help you bring your concepts to life and start elevating your brand!


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